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Do you have a website that you'd like to get more exposure to? Whether it is a corporate site, small business site, or even your own personal blog, GlobalHits2U delivers on its name, bringing you visitors from all over the globe directly to you! It is completely free to join and you can increase traffic to your site instantly!


We focus on a smooth surfing experience and keeping things simple, easy, and effective. Sure, we've got plenty of bonuses for our active members such as CTP badges, XP, and other rewards, but we try to keep the games and other distractions to a minimum, putting the focus on bringing you quality traffic!


How does it work? Just view some web pages from some of our other members and you'll earn credits that you can use to show YOUR site to other members! You can get new eyeballs on your sites daily with just a few minutes of surfing! You can also get free banner ad and text ad exposures!

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GlobalHits2u is FREE! You can literally start advertising your website in just minutes, for absolutely no cost, EVER!


GlobalHits2U is owned by Doug English, the owner of the legendary GlobalSafelist, a successful online marketer since 2001!


We provide many ways to network and brand yourself or your business, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Skype and More!


GlobalHits2u is EASY. We keep it simple and bring you effective traffic!


GlobalHits2U can give your website worldwide exposure for little to no cost. You won't find a better value for this kind of exposure anywhere online.


VTG Games, Mystery Prizes, Team Surfing! Just a few of the ways we keep things exciting and fun for all members!

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